Valentine Mini Name Bars

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You know we loved doing customisations and hence, these name bars is the ONE customised gift you should definitely be interested in! :D AND it's been again added in our Valentines 2020 collection on demand!

How does this work?

  • Choose the number of letters of the name you wish the bars to carry.
  • Mention the name while ordering.
  • We will pack, and create a customized pack with the same name as mentioned for the order.  
  • Always refer to the pictures please for clearing the queries.
  • Also, Free shipping!!

Please make sure you are choosing the exact letter option as the name has. We won't be able to continue with the order if paid for less. :)

These bars come in three basic flavors - Milk, Dark and White chocolate.

These ones are Dark chocolate. Each mini bar weighs 10 grams, individually wrapped in printed paper and packed in plastic pouch and such a cute ribbon!

Any more customisations? Love it! Contact us.

If any other query, feel free to reach us anywhere(insta, whatsapp, call or email)