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This is seriously the healthiest and yummiest bar you could have ever. Why? Because of it's contents!

What does it contains?

It contains handcrafted dark chocolate (54% cocoa) with roasted almonds, flax seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and melon seeds. This combination of homemade, seeds and nuts is hard to find. It's also part of our PMS craving box!

Choose your number of bars and woop, there we to go to the kitchen to prep some goodness for you.

Each bar weighs approximately 35-37 grams. They come in a pack of two and three. Drop us a mail for further customization or if you want more bars. 

Dimensions of the chocolate bar- 8 x 3.75 cms

The order will be made fresh and should be consumed within 3 weeks after it's received.