Flower Power Caramel crunch cake(1.5 kg)

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All the cakes should be placed at least 3-4 days before the event as we make everything from scratch and at home.

choc-oh! did this immensely beautiful cake for a wedding anniversary.

Each cake has a story, so does this one. :)

The customer went for a chocolate filling with caramel crunches- what a unique choice no? Well, it was absolutely a tasty one. The cake was chocolaty, filled with chocolate frosting and crunches but layered with white frosting for a contrast and to glam it up chocolate flowers on a golden chocolate drip. Immensely beautiful and eye appealing. :)

The cake, the filling, the flower, even the caramel crunches all were homemade!

Fresh, 100% eggless ,home made, delivered at your door step. :)

Weight of the cake-  Approximately 1.3 kg

We loved doing this one and would love doing customisation further in this one. Do you want one? Call/whats app/ dm us on +91 8840767438.