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Kids love getting return gifts in birthday parties. Even the older generation does. Who doesn't? Wouldn't be it more exciting for the kids as well as the parents to get gifted with something completely handmade? Yes. Anyone would love to.

We curated this car themed birthday return gift. The colorful 'hand made' paper envelopes carry some yummiest hand crafted treats for your kids.

The envelopes are entirely handmade and not store bought, so you can expect and assume the level of customization we do. :) ( You can get the envelopes of your choice of color-Drop us a mail!)

Contents of the package

1. Dark chocolate candies X 2

2. Milk chocolate lollipops of mixed shapes x 2

3. White chocolate car shaped candies in different flavors( strawberry, orange, mango & plain white)

4. Dark chocolate biscuit X 2

We offer customization to the T so feel free and drop us a mail according to your needs, flavors, colors and theme. We would love to do it for you!


Drop us a mail or call us on +91 8840767438 for bulk orders.